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ij.start.cannon will redirect you to Canon manuals, press Set up the tab. Get to know about how to set up Canon your printer or scanner. Learn the process of ij start canon for multiple devices including PIXMA, MAXIFY, reprogramming, and Business Inkjet. You can download the Canon print app as well, for wireless printing. Get connected to ij.start.canon and install the Canon drivers, firmware, and software on your device to set up the Canon printer.

Ij Start Canon Setup

  1. Go to ij.start.canon site.
  2. Download the setup using the Canon model name.
  3. Install, and set up your printer, then start printing with Canon.

What is ij.start.canon ?

ij.start canon is the official site of Canon printer setup where you can learn how to get started to Canon inkjet software. You can download the ij start canon setup from this site and set up your expressionlessly.

Where can I find my Canon printer/scanner model name?

Before you go through ij.start.cannon to set up your device, make sure you have known your device model name. If not, then check the name in front of your device or see on the top of the printer or scanner. Once you check the name, use it while the need for a download.

How to download Canon Setup from ij.start canon site?

  1. Follow guidelines to download & Install ij.start canon:
  2. Download latest Canon drivers, software, and firmware-
  3. On your browser, open ij.start.canon link.
  4. You are on the Canon manual page where you need to tap on the “Set Up” tab.
  5. Now, enter the model name on the shown box or choose from below list and tap on GO.
  6. Select you country/region and tap on the Start.
  7. Look for the latest driver of http //ij.start.canon and choose one for download .
  8. Then, click Download and save it. You will download a file named with for example; ndsu-win-1_9_0-ea34_2.exe.
  9. Double-tap on file setup to install the Canon setup

Step by step instructions to install & set up Canon

  1. Install Canon printer once you download it on your operating system,

    1. Turn off the power of the Canon printer or scanner.
    2. Open your system and open the browser.
    3. Go through Canon official ij.start.canon site and provide the model name.
    4. Download the https://ij.start.canon and run the installer to install it.
    5. Now, read the Canon user terms and privacy policies and tap OK.
    6. Hit on “I agree and continue” tab, then search for a network.
    7. Once you find a known network, connect your printer to it.
    8. Next, open the confirmation display, then tap “Cancel” and select YES.
    9. Tick/check on the printer port checkbox and it requires to select a port now.
    10. Now, tap “Complete” and restart the PC to set up the printer.

Set up a wired canon printer using the USB cable –

  1. If you have purchased a USB canon printer, then follow the below steps to set it up;

    • Look for the hard copy manual and read its instructions.
    • Then, assemble the http //ij.start.canon to set up.
    • Connect USB cable’s one side to the printer and the other into the computer port.
    • Once you connect it, wait for automatic installation.
    • If the installation doesn’t get started, then download the setup from ij.start.canon manually.
    • Double-click on this HTTP //ij.start.canon setup and follow the shown instructions to install it.
    • Press the power button of the printer, install an ink cartridge, and check if your printer is working.

How to connect Canon Printer Setup to Wireless Network - ij.start.canon

  1. The easy way to setup ij.start.canon printer wirelessly is downloading from ij.start canon where along with the printer driver, e Scan Utility will be installed. If you become unable to download the setup, perform the steps below;

    • Open the manufacturer site of the ij start canon setup printer and then provide your device model name.
    • Look for the correct version from the shown drop-down menu and Select the operating system.
    • Now, jump to the start menu and open the HY segment, then tap Install Printers.
    • In this list, look for and click on printer miniature and enter the printer number on the search box.
    • Once you see catch serial numbers with black colored box after searching, Serial number 1 will ask you to provide some information.
    • Tap on the search tab and find your printer and go to the required option.
    • Hit Install, go to Software option, and choose http //ij.start.cannon Utility to install and connect it wirelessly